Monday, July 30, 2007

I got tagged

10 Things I like about me:

1. This beer gut is really starting to grow on me.

2. I have some good handy skilz.

3. My ideas are usually pretty good.

4. I like my hair. I have good hair. My mom's dad had great hair so I think i'll be able to keep it.

5. I like my diplomas.

6. I like that I took the bar and am hoping to pass.

7. I like my house, the parts that's finished that is.

8. I like the wifey, seeing as we're married, that is still something about me for all you contrarians.

9. I like my blog.

10. I like my readers.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back Home

Well, thats over for now. For anyone interested, the Bar Exam is much, much more difficult than the CPA exam. Whoever said its not has either 1) not taken said bar exam or 2) entered some state of dillusion.

To directly answer your question, I don't really know how I did. It was very difficult. I've been getting about 1/2 of the questions right during practice exams and they say that is passing, so I felt about like I did after I took a practice exam. The essays were very difficult. Its amazing how exhausting all this was.

We just got back in town. Went to the lake with a friend. Its a two day exam. You get your scores around October 24, so I'll know something concrete then. For now I have to fill out a pre-employment application for a job I thought I already had. I imagine its just a formality, but they want tax returns. From a student. how quaint.

Monday, July 23, 2007

It can't beleive

how fast 48 days can go by. It seems that just the other day I was putting a countdown into my phone book that started with something like 48 days until the bar exam. Well, now that same countdown reads one. Its amazing when you put this much work into something. Your brain becomes a sponge and you just start soaking up stuff. Tons of stuff. I kinda wish law school were more like this. I feel as though I actually learned something. I don't think I'm going to fail, but if I do, I know I'll get through it next time. I could have done some things differently, but then again, you could always do somethign better, have worked a little harder, and in the end, no one really knows if it would make a difference.

So, tomorrow morning, I'm going to wake up, take this spongey stuff between my ears and proceed to squeeze it out one the electronic pages I will be afforded for the determination of my worth as a future attorney to this great state. The pass rate is 80%, and I feel I've busted my ass, so hopefully, just maybe, everythings goign to be alright.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'd Rather be Lucky Than Good

Well folks, you are now reading the blog of someone who will be working for a rather large firm. Yes, a large southeastern firm bought out my small firm and well, life is looking pretty good. Yes, there will be a more formal chain or command and more little pesky requirements, but overall, this is a very good thing.

As miserable as this bar review is, I'm very excited. I never really wanted to go back to work for a large firm, but this sounds like a good combination that will really benefit our small office. It's amazing, in September of last year I was a bit freaked out b/c two very good firms declined to keep me around. Now, due to nothing but good fortune, it appears that I'll be going straight into a great job. God works in funny ways. I think I should send those two firms thank you notes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quote of the Day

Come on, i mean, my sister can't live beyond Saks Fifth Avenue, but she passed the bar.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm the kind of guy who's used to doing most everything well. Well, that is unless I decide I don't care to do something well. I didn't play little league baseball because I knew I sucked at it. So, I wound up being the only guy I know that didn't play even one season of little league. T-ball, yes. anything more, sounded like too much practice for little or no return.

However, this bar exam thing. I'm actually working at this. Trying to learn new stuff, study hard, put in the time, all that jaz. Turns out I'm getting about 55% of the questions right consistently. 55% people. This is a multiple choice exam with four answer choices. Therefore, I can basically narrow it down b/t 2 answers and guess every time and my score would, theoretically be the same. This is disgusting.

However, according to the website of the Georgia Bar, something like 91% of the people who take this thing, and attended a law school in the state of Georgia will pass the test and become duly licensed attorneys. Man, this process is brutal.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Complaints Department is Officially OPEN

1. Mr. Law Professor, we salute you! A big salute to all the law professors of the world who conspired to make me take this exam whilst I could be out in the real world making some actual money with my hard earned degree.

2. Mr. Bar Examiner, we salute you! While making me study to study to study some more, you will be writing your question, which will determine my future and whether or not I can make aforementioned cash money, in your evening hours, off the top of your head, in whatever you practice everyday.

3. Mr. Herpes Zoster, we salute you! For infecting most all individuals in the United States and then, at moment of stress, rearing your ugly, pimplely little head in the dear wifey and making her study from the bed. And for getting me earlier this year. You are a true bastard of a virus.

4. Mr. Drugy Man, we salute you! For making our outbreaks more manageable, though your purple pill still leaves us with a groggy funk, that makes us wonder if the disase you suppress might just be better to run its course.

5. Mr. Librarian Electrition, we salute you! For failing to change any of the lights above my cube and propetuating my every developing coronary condition known as blindness.

6. Mr. Bar Review Man, we salute you! For admitting you don't know the answer to these questions, for simply reading off your script, and telling us good luck for the 10,000th time.

I was going to do 10, but I think I'll ask my peeps to give the last 4. Who's getting your goat?

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Party's Over - for now.

Well, I'm back from the 'Boro - For the record, I only broke the backhoe twice, and, thanks to the assistance of my able brother, we got'er back up and running. Overall, I built about 1800 feet or road back around the property line and its very nice. Hopefully we can put in a pipe and add to the walking trail. (backhoe got very stuck once). Also cut down one tree, using backhoe to keep it from falling on the storage shed containing prize possessions or one eccentric cousin. Also pushed a second tree over using the bucket so it wouldn't fall on mom & dad's house. Very productive weekend I say. Its amazing what you can do with a good hoe.

Anyways, I've resolved to cut down on my blogging and reading other's bloggs. I'll be lurking and commenting occassionally, its just this thing i have to do so I'll actually study for this pesky exam. I'm sure I'll post, but I thought I'd let everyone know whats up.