Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Well folks, after traveling about 600 or so miles in three days, I'm finally back home. Yesterday was spent paying bills. I hate bills. I think everyone does. Since we got out of the law school and developed this phenomenon know as pay checks, I've purchased a copy of quick books and have begun to be very dilligent about paying bills on time. This has also caused me to rearrange our study area to be most conducive to family financial responsiblity.

So, you can imagine my horror when I discovered several bills that were covered in some trash and they were late. Gawd that makes for a long evening. But, I do think I got everything paid and well, the good news is that Friday is payday.

Just trying to make it through another week folks.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

i dont know about the geek squad, but this guy's cool

So folks, I'm in Birmingham on business tonight. As I post this, I'm sitting at a bar at an outback with some random ass folk. But I digress. . .

I have this gps that gets me everywhere I go but today the mount broke. I go to best buy to get a replacement and lo and behold, I'm thinkful the place is open after nine pm.

So, I start looking for my little part and after driving over 300 miles today I'm not with it. I walk roght by I get guy 1 to help and we can't find this stupid little part. They have everything else, but no part I need.

Did I mentio I had the gps on the little shelf in front of the speedometer eith the cigarette lighter behind it and it sliding all over and talking to me?

So yeah, this guy comes over and says, how long have you had it? Since christmas. Ok. And he proceeds to open a new box, had me the part and say, "don't you ever tell anybody I did that."

Sweet. Random acts of kindness are really amazing.

All over da world

Sorry for the absence, I've been driving all over the place this week. More later.....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A damn fine weekend

Well folks, I actually had a real weekend. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing but sit and watch TV and though I can't say I could do it for more than one day in a row, it was glorious. We did make a big breakfast to share with the roommate and her finace, but other than a little cooking and cleaning, I was on the couch, with the dog.

Today has been a different story. The household finances were . . . well give yourself three years with no income and law school bills . . . now double it, and there you have us. So, I've been working to get my head around this and I've been struggling with whether to buy or not to buy the new version of quickbooks but I started with this project today and the new version of quickbooks was a worthwhile investment.

It will interface with your bank records and it makes reconciling statements a cinch. I even found some errant charges and saves some $$. I don't know that I can whole heartedly recommend the quickbooks for someone who doesn't have a sigifnicant amount of understanding of the double sided accounting system, but if you can work with it, its a damn powerful tool. Hopefully I'll have a much better understanding of our cash flows and whether or not we are actually making more than we spend here in the next couple months. I think we're doing pretty good but if you as anal as I am, you want to know where good is to the penny.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Rainy Day to Close out the Week

Well folks, no, I'm not dead. I have been traveling back and forth to the ATL for this and that. Meetings with experts, clients, and the like. Not much going on this weekend. Rest up and do some work around the house. Still trying to lose weight. I've been down five pounds for like two weeks now. I think its going to take some work to hit 210. I think i'll start next week.

So, thats about all thats going on around here. I did get a call this morning from my room-mate/tenant's boyfriends just to tell us we make excellent coffee. That is a damn good way to start the day.