Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something to Blog About

I'm taking flying lessons and I've been thinking of keeping a flying journal. I then remembered that I have a blog and I thought that would be a good place to keep a record of my experiences.

I'm learning to fly in a Cessna 172/182 coversion. I stared this new journey about a month ago. So far I have logged 5.1 hours of dual instruction time and 6 hours of ground school. I purchased a few learning aids to prepare for the exam. I drive a good bit with my job so I purchases Rod Machado's Private Pilot Manual on tape. It is very helpful. I also purchased the Jeppesen Private Pilot text and Rod's written book. Finally, I picked up the Gleim questions in electronic form.

I've been working on turns around a point, slow flight, take-off, and checking out the airplane before you fly.

Flying is fun!