Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back Home

Well, thats over for now. For anyone interested, the Bar Exam is much, much more difficult than the CPA exam. Whoever said its not has either 1) not taken said bar exam or 2) entered some state of dillusion.

To directly answer your question, I don't really know how I did. It was very difficult. I've been getting about 1/2 of the questions right during practice exams and they say that is passing, so I felt about like I did after I took a practice exam. The essays were very difficult. Its amazing how exhausting all this was.

We just got back in town. Went to the lake with a friend. Its a two day exam. You get your scores around October 24, so I'll know something concrete then. For now I have to fill out a pre-employment application for a job I thought I already had. I imagine its just a formality, but they want tax returns. From a student. how quaint.


Ally said...

Tax returns? Are you going to work for the CIA or something?

Aisha said...

I just came across your blog doing a search to see if anyone else is as confused as to how they did as I am. On essay day, question 2: the property/remedies/family law one was really strange and the Default question also... very narrow. I felt that those two questions were unlike any in the Barbri sample exam questions.... The 91% pass rate for Georgia students taking it makes me feel better... but still its a strange feeling to feel so unsure on how you did on such an important exam. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

October??? Somebody needs to update their test taking process. That seems like a long time to grade a 2 day exam.

Anyway, good luck!! Hope your trip to the lake was enjoyable.

icadle said...

A - I just may be...who knows what they want with all that stuff.

Aisha - yes, that was the general consensus from everyone I talked to. The whole thing was realy nuts. I don't really have much more to say about the thing other than it was painful and I think I should have done ok but don't really know.

FC&F - October, yes. ITs way too long. However, each person writes six essays and there are about 1500 people taking the test. So, somewhere near 9,000 essays to grade. I'd rather take the test than grade all that.

cdp said...

Please allow me to clarify one small point for you: I do, in fact, know how you did. You kicked its ass! You, and Wifey too! And all the other hundred-odd people I love who sat for that bastard this week. YOU KICKED THAT BITCH IN THE BALLS!

Cindy said...

ps, I tagged you for a meme. deal with it.