Friday, March 31, 2006

So I Drive A Popular Vehicle

Standing outside Joshua Cup, the following was observed:

A nice couple was walking toward the parking lot. So was a Bibb Co. Sheriff and his wife. The Nice Couple started to get into a Red 2003 Ford Explorer, opened the doors, sat in the seats, (like normal people do) and noticed, "This is not our car!" But it was my car and I had the pleasure of watching the whole thing.

Maybe I need to be more vigilant about being sure the doors are locked.


A Disclaimer: First, talking about yourself, movies, tv shows and pop culture are way over blogged. But hey, What the hell else do we have to talk about?

HBO has a new show, Big Love, which I'm sure many have seen. Lets just say it ain't no Sopranos. This damn show is absolutely PAINFUL to watch. This dude has three wives - frankly, this is the definition of INSANITY in my book.

Personally I have a lovely wife, a beautiful tenant who lives in our apartment upstairs and a fabulous friend who are all, wait for it..... female! Now, the needs of these folks can be a bit more than I can handle from time to time. Being married to all three and living in two houses and having one wanting a car and being the sole income earner and a myriad of other considerations.....I'm about to explode.

Simply - this TV show is like watching a horror movie. You just can't look away but you know you don't really want to know if Candyman is going to appear or not. Its a forgone conclusion, Candyman IS going to come out and kill everyone and there will be nothing left. Just like all these women are going to knife each other and take the idiot husband with them. Maybe they'll have to cancel the show and film more episodes of Entourage. That would make me most happy.

57 channels and nuthin on.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Home Early

They say home is where you hang your hat. I don't wear hats, but if I did, it would likely be laying on a table, on the floor, or somewhere chewed up by Dora, my dog. Sometimes I utterly hate coming home. There are dishes, clothes, and godknowswhat on every surface available.
There are no doors, no trim and the place can look rather unfinished. Which would be fine if it were clean. The dog doesn't help much as she sheds coarse brown hairs like a bad habit.

Its not a total pig-stye, more like cluttered creative space.

I'm always thinking I need to clean or do some carpentry. Its exhausting.


In a fit of stupidity/clarity (which I often find go hand in hand) I decided to get a Masters Degree in Accounting. Still under this deceiving fog, I decided to go work for KPMG ( and try and receive my CPA certification. This was back during the Anderson/Enron debacle and we were give the privilege of waiting all summer, and part of the fall, until October 1 to start. I should have gone to work somewhere else because I knew I was going to law school at the first possible moment and I totally should have known, after SEVEN years in a school of "higher education." that Law School was most definitely going to start before October 1.

But, hindsight is 20/20 and I started work, only to quit 21 months later. I need 24 months of work and 4,000 hours to qualify. Yes, I have passed the HEINOUS exam. So, now I only need 200 hours over the course of three months to get the privilege of applying to the Board for licensure. However, in order to get those 200 hours, I had to beg a friend to PLEASE PLEASE give me some research to do, at my leisure preferably.

He said the assignments are coming....I'm still waiting for him to call.


Golf - Whoever came up with the Scramble had absolutely, and I do mean absolutely NOTHING else to do. I decided to participate in the Law School's annual "golf tournament" and scrambled to find a team. Two guys ditched me and a team was fielded at the last minute.

Let me tell you, the scramble stopped as soon as our admission fee was paid. We played eighteen after a "shot-gun start." I used to play back in the day when they actually used a shotgun to tell everyone to get going. No shotgun today. And the disappointment only increased after that. My golf game sucked, my team-mate's golf games sucked equally as much or moreso, and we did manage to play bogy golf as a team, each man hitting the "best ball." Let me tell you, there were no "good balls" to choose from. So, 5 and a half hours later, (yes, we were riding in carts too) we finished with a whopping 84 to clarify any misunderstandings at who sucked the most.

Now, I must say the concept of skipping class, drinking beer, riding around in carts, and hitting golf balls sounds enticing, but next year I will opt to do all those things right by myself.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Jacuzzi Tub

I bought a jacuzzi tub. It got to my house about eighteen months ago. Its a glorious thing. There's just one small problem. Its sitting on the unfinished floor of the masterbath which is through the unfinished master bedroom. Damn I want to take a bath.

I bought this house in April of 2004. It seemed like the thing to to a the time.

However, now as I sit here looking at this monster of a bath tub sitting on the unfinished floor, all I want is a hot bath with some jets. That is simply not too much to ask.

I have to finish something soon.

Friday, March 03, 2006

You Only Get One Call

Jail... Its an unpleasant place to be. John recently went to jail. After some antics, he was granted his single phone call. He chose the most important person he knew - Mark. The phone rang and was answered by Officer Johnson who was giving Mark a ride to the jail. Mark was arrested for misdemeanor trespass to his neighbors. Officer Johnson replied that Mark would be to the jail soon.

While in prison these Mark and John met "DARK." A Jamaican by birth, Mr. Dark had entered the lucrative US drug trade and had been successful enough to have four gold caps made for his front teeth. Even had them engraved with his new name. DARK. I hear he does a booming business.