Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A New Form

Blogetry - prose, composed of redundant rhyming lines that tells a simple story. Should be cheesy and short. No more than 10 lines.

I came to school.
This is not cool.

Its supposed to be third year
And I'm not to be here.

I'm doing work.
This school bit is a jerk.

I should go home
and sing along.

See - something like that. REally bad, but with a potential to be interesting in a very mental midget sort of way.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I will try to do this more regularly now

Well, I'm back in school. I'm getting my computer out some. So I'll try to blog more.

Marshall and Ihad a lovely dinner yesterday. We went to the China Buffet where there must be more that 300 items on that buffet. I've watched some movies; cleaned up the back yard; lunch with mom today; class and homework.

still have to finish the bathroom.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Return of Cadleized...drunky


So, I've been traveling all over the place. Went to a wedding at the Cloister. It was lovely. Very happy bride groom and their families. I enjoyed myself throughly. New Years was quite low key as it was the day after the wedding and i was too pooped to party.

I've been at home and here at the druy drive consruction project..aka home. Wifey has been in Atlant seeing the mom. I've been painting. Painting sux. I laid some tile tody. Its purty. Neighbor came over, brought me a tall boy of tasty PBR and so I've discontinued the painting for a bit and am sitting here on the couch in my robe, kickin it. Tomorrow I wil paint more.

hmmmm.. not much really going on.....yeah.

I'll try to post more tomrrow when coherence returns.

PS - blogger still kinda sux.

PSS - comment moderation is no more.