Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'd Rather be Lucky Than Good

Well folks, you are now reading the blog of someone who will be working for a rather large firm. Yes, a large southeastern firm bought out my small firm and well, life is looking pretty good. Yes, there will be a more formal chain or command and more little pesky requirements, but overall, this is a very good thing.

As miserable as this bar review is, I'm very excited. I never really wanted to go back to work for a large firm, but this sounds like a good combination that will really benefit our small office. It's amazing, in September of last year I was a bit freaked out b/c two very good firms declined to keep me around. Now, due to nothing but good fortune, it appears that I'll be going straight into a great job. God works in funny ways. I think I should send those two firms thank you notes.


Ally said...

Hmm....who bought you guys? It wasn't that long ago that they joined another firm, but I guess it was four years ago. Time flies! Glad you're looking forward to life after the bar exam.

cdp said...

DUDE! Just checked out the press release. Go on with yer lucky self. If you get to go to the Beijing office, can I come? I've always wanted to go to China.

Congrats, Mr. I Work For a Top 100 Firm. Yay!

cdp said...

The following is a message to both you and Wifey:

GOOD LUCK! I love you guys so much!

Now go kick the Bar Exam in the nuts! Rock it one time for me.