Friday, November 30, 2007

How U can Find Me

IF you google the following, you will find me:

"This class is boring" - well many of them were.

"dekalb dfcs, christmas list" - Huh??

""captain kayak" blog" - No dummy - I'm the Pontoon Pirate.

"score on georgia bar examination 2007" - I passed, thank you very much!

"bar exam more difficult than cpa exam" - yes it was. very much so.

"adopt a kid for christmas wish list" - and to think the wifey calls me a scrooge - Bah Humbug!

"old flames" - murf?? where did that one come from?

"borĂ³ dora" - this person was not speaking the english with this search.

"installing a fountain slab" . . . is a horrible idea.

"tripp self" - one of our honorable superior court judges!

"save ferris blogspot"- a case of mistaken identity!

"Dora tying up games" - I would be willing to bet $100 this would cost you a finger.

"women searching for place in the world" - another one i don't comprehend

"bernoulli's principle and the human body" - I would advise not combining the two

"drugy man" - clearly i'm not the only one who sucks at typing.

"hazard a guess" - if you know me, you know i will always hazard a guess.

"doing laundry for person with shingles" - proud to say i was #1 on this one.

They're Back

Well folks, the jury came back and I can't say we beat their pants off. We got an extra $75k for our property owner but, well, let's just say that is not what we asked for for the Christmas. You win some, you lose some! I'm gonna go play some golf.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

jury verdict to come.....

Hmmm. Let's see what they think

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i am turning into a bird dog

Well folks, hello from scenic waynesboro and the lovely Jameson Inn. We are here for a jury trial before 12 good citizens of Burke County. We represent a property owner (big surprise, I know) who developed the wal-mart shopping center. While the trial has a certain allure, I must say my visit here in the 'boro has been quite nice. We have had lunch at a lovely little counter and dinner tonight was at my favorite, the Colemans Lake - TASTY FRIED SHRIMP!!

Anyways, it has been a good experience here. I'll update you soon how this thing turns out. Get excited

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

things to be thankful for

1-this blog post is brought to you by blackberry. While I don't do a good job of posting, I actually like my blackberry in that it really provides me some freedom from work.

2 the wifey- who is currently letting me sit in her office and blog whilst she organizes her office and expresses love for her predecessor who was such the immaculately organized person

3 my boss - while we all have our moments with those in charge, you've got to like someone for not making us work through the holiday because he can. We're ready for trial and we get a holiday. This was not the case at my former place of employment where we worked senseless hour in a silly fashion.

4. my mom who got all my diplomas framed and then actually delivered them to me.

5 my dad - who keeps sending me clients

6 this big family celebration that is thanksgiving

To be continued


What a great holiday. Wifey and I are off to the 'boro this afternoon for four days of quality family time. Turkey, ribs, and I may even mow some grass on that new lawnmower thing.

I hope you have a happy thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A little experiment.

cash advance

No wonder I have so few readers...

Cash Advance Loans

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another good weekend

Well, the Dawgs beat the Tigers..the WarEagles???..the plainsmen? Well, whoever they are, we won 45 - 20. It was fun. We had great seats - yes, we actually went to a game! - and the season ticket holder had paid for the little stadium seats. Very cush - made my butt much happier to be at the game, that is for sure.

We went straight to the 'boro from there. the sibilings all had pancakes and then it was off to look at some old family furniture. I learned that my great-great-great grandaddy and he was a Captain in the civil war. Our family also lived in Fort Valley, a city south of here for several years where he was a Baptist preacher. There is a good picture of him in the family papers which, courtesy of my relative are stored at the University of Georgia. I didn't get any furniture but I did get neat framed picture of Savannah.

So, it was a good weekend for us!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Interesting Coincidence

My father was admitted to the bar of this great state on April 4, 1978

Which is my birthday, three years before I was born.


Friday I'm In Love

Eveidently there is some thing going around about posting every day and I've seen this title all over the place for today.

Today I'm in love with my new number 353227

Monday, November 05, 2007


Well tomorrow is the day of the big swearing in of me to the bar. I wonder what we will have to swear to..

things are going well. Working, watching tv, cleaning. working on the house.. stuff.
Well i guess i don't have much to post so I'll just move along now...