Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Is Plain Ridiculous

Well folks. I finally gave inM and screw you guys who will note it only took two weeks. I went amd got myself an international crackberry 8830. This mofo is cool. It gets directions, email, porn websites and plays games. Pretty amazing. I got it for about 100 bucks too which is amazing becaus I was actually happy when I left the verizon store today. Phenominal. So now I have no excuse not to post. But my spelling and formatting well, you know

Post brought to u via crackberry

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Life

Well folks, howdy. The sentence for the day - I NEED ME SOME CLIENTS!!! no, I don't have a bar card yet, but in anticipation of that wonderful day, I think I need to find me some clients and get some job security. If you are wanting some law type work done and want to pay for it, I am your guy. However, I expect most of my readers either 1) don't need my services as they are already similarly trianed, or 2) expecting me to give them my services for free. Where should I go to get me some clients? any ideas?

In other news, work is going well. I observed a deposition to day. Good stuff. I am working on my CPA license stuff, which I didn't realize all the work I had completed was stolen with my computer. As well as my resume. In other news, my father said I may just be an overpaid secretary and sometimes I wonder. But i do think I bring value to the proposition, whatever it may be.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Truth About Insurance

No, it won't set you free. Gone are the days of low deductible insurance where everything you screw up is taken care of and your friendly Allstate man is there with his big ass hand to let you down safely. Not to pick on any one company, but the Rock is not such a solid place anymore.

As they tought me in that mysical place known as college, you might not want to report each and every loss that comes you way. Whenever you report a loss, you have to pay a deductible and generally your premium goes up..forever. So, I won't be reporting this loss. As a general rule, I insure against high magnitued, remote risks. The higher the magnitude, the more likely I am to file a claim. This is something I will probably do 5-10 times in my life. With 10 being a reall high number. (and yes, i'm knocking against the desk right now) However, for some low grade criminal crap, I probably will "self-insure" which means I'll eat the loss and keep paying my relatively low insurance premuims.

probably more than anyone wanted to hear on that, but people keep thinking my insurance will pay and that just ain't so.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Theived, Tired & Frustrated

Well, I started work last week. Its going pretty well. I like the co-workers, and enjoy the kind of work we do. What I did not enjoy was getting my lap-top and leather bag stolen yesterday in atlanta. Nor did i enjoy that the asshole knocked out the window of my co-worker who was kind enough to drive us both to this very early meeting.

so, work is going well, I'm moving through the system. and well, I don't have a laptop anymore.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Retail Therapy at No Cost

So, when the wifey and I moved into our home here, we never really unpacked all our stuff. In fact, we shoved it up in the attic and never really thought about it again. Until I had to pull a good bit of it out for the alarm installation. So, after that, we took advantage of the tenant's absence and started up the cleaning. An unknown quantity of trash later, we have so much "new" stuff.

After throwing stuff out, we started to discover stuff that was never unpacked. 7 soup bowls, ceramic vase, ceramic decorative things, the infamous red orb, wifey's foot bath, my compute flight yoke, serving piceces, pictures, you name it, it was up there. Wow. It was so much fun to go shop in your won house.

So i urge all my three faithful readers to go clean out some of those boxes you've been starring at for days (or in our case, years) on end. Clen it out, throw it away, you never know what you might find!!!