Friday, May 30, 2008

Movie Night

Went and played some tennis last night; had leftovers; (PS - quick and easy enchilladas with that old el paso enchilada sauce, some leftover chicken, onions and green pepper can't be beat. I think i'll give it a shot with some of those burgers I cooked next week.)

Wifey wanted to watch a movie and I said that was fine but I wanted to finish my book. While the Lincoln Lawyer was a great read, I was glad I finished in time to watch the move. We watched Juno and I must say it was one of the wittiest, most uplifting movies I've seen in a long time. Yeah, its about a girl who is 16 and gets pregnant, but it really is an awesome movie. You should check it out.

In other news, wifey and I are going to the country club to have dinner tonight. Hmm - had I mentioned that we joined the local country club here?? Don't think so. Anyways, its not the nicest (read - most expensive) club in town but we really like it. They have a great pool, excellent tennis and golf. Also the food is pretty good. We both got free dinners for our birthdays so we're headed out to get a steak dinner and have some beverages.

This week will be a lake party for the roommate who closed on her house last weekend. Exciting times here at cadleized.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been awhile

I've been so busy having fun I haven't made time for the chronicles. My sincere apologies. I assure you there have been plenty of barn parties, backhoes, and golfing, and maybe even a little bit of the LAW to go around here.

Finally getting the hang of operating the backhoe. It's a good time. I've been working quite a bit lately, but not too crazy. We had tornadoes here in our town. Power was out for a couple days. that was not fun at all. Fortunately we didn't lose a refridgerator full of groceries like many around us.

I'm working on my annual law updated for a group of convenience store owners. good times.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, as expected it was a good weekend. I did get to go play golf on Friday afternoon. The speaker at the Bar Luncheon was good. He disproved the notion that judges who site on appellate courts must be stuffy.

Golf was great for 9 holes. Golf then proceeded to fall apart for the subsequent 9 holes. It was a beautiful day though and I have only my lack of skill to blame.

The weekend was fun. I don't really remember what we did Friday night.... really don't remember drinking... weird. Oh yeah, I didn't get back from golf till late, ate some leftovers and hung with the neighbors. That's right. Wifey's former co-workers came over on Saturday night for a grilling. After the day of organizing the tool shed.

Sunday was devoted to continued organization of the tool shed and putting casters on a table. Also, THE POOL OPENED THIS WEEKEND!!! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW EXCITING THAT IS! (they even got new furniture. score!)

So there were also some pool-side chicken fingers involved in the quality of the weekend.

Hope all is well for my three readers!

Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm Proud of my Boss Today

Dangerous as it is, yup, there, I said it. I've been working on a complicated motion for the past few days, researching it, making it to. I've been invited to play some golf later this afternoon. I emailed the boss and he said I could go.

And what does he do. Well he calls late yesterday and says we must file this motion today. The one i've barely started drafting.

So I work late, get it done and am proofreading it, knowing this is one of those situations where you send if for review at 9:00am and get no work until you've just missed your commitment.

NOT SO young grasshopper. He called at 8:15, recognized that I have a golf outing this afternoon and said he wanted to be sure we got this taken care of so I could go.

Good thing can happen. It should be a great weekend.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


MY NEW CAR!! I got it last week. My father-in-law was nice enough to make a donation to my favorite charity, me, and provide me with this handsome ride.
The bottom line: it costS $40 bucks a month to insure and costs $35 per fill up versus $75 per fill up for my explorer. Saving money after just one week.