Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi Ho Hi HO - its off to the Pokey I go

Well, I mentioned the breaking and entering and larceny (defined as the taking of another's property with intent to permanently deprive another of said property, if you were wondering)into the neighbor's home the other day. The one that caused us to get an alarm system. Yes, that one.

Well, beleive it or not, they actually caught the guy. Have fingerprint evidence and everything. AMAZING. This criminal justice system might just work after all.

in other news, if you want to see some crazy stuff, go to This guy is going around his neighborhood taking pictures of people picking up ladies of the evening(who do a lot of work during the day as his videos show) and posts it on the web. In fact, if you live in his area, you can register your car and he will send you an email if he ever catches your significant other having some professional fun on the side. Its a bit nasty, but pretty fascinating if you ask me.

Anyone what to hazard a guess?

As to what I'll be doing tomorrow?

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Wonderful Surprise

Santa came early to the Cadle's. I ventured to the 'Boro this weekend for the celebration of my brother's thrid anniversary. Sounded like a good reason to get out of town for the afternoon. On the way down, I get a call from him asking if I can come help move a pool table. Huh?

As we proceed down the driveway to the 'Boro, Wifey exclaims - "WHere the Hell did that huge ass tractor come from?" - Huh? Holy Smokes there is a full size backhoe sitting in the yard. This is starting to get exciting.

So, I get home and lo and behold, someone has give my father a pool table, complete with cues, balls, etc. But, we have to go get it. This is exciting news as the particular pool table in question is of historical significance, as this is the pool table I first ever recall playing pool on. However, it is imperitive that we fetch this pool table in record time because I also have permission from the owner of the glorious machine to go play around with it. So, off to the country we go to fetch the pool table.

An hour or so and an aching back later, we return with the pool table. Somehow, we moved the entire table, without taking it apart out of the Shack and into the Barn - now for the next item of business.... GET ME ON THAT BACKHOE!!!

So, my brother gives me a little tour on how to operate it and I am off to the races. I have a little knowedge of how to use one of these b/c I rented a mini-excavator for house construction purposes. However, this thing is big and mean. So, I go start to dig and rip stuff up... (we are clearing a lane along the far property line of the "back forty") - amazingly, I managed to clear a couple hundred yards of property line and not tear the thing up. Hopefully it will be waiting on me b/c I'm going back down there next weekend to do some more.

PS - my back hurts!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Searching For My Place in This World

Well folks, I think I finally found it. As the bar exam review has progressed and I have had many hours to ponder the exostential version of life and the wonders of creation, I have moved from location to location, searching for my proverbial study home.

Today I think i finally settled on something. There is a lovely little cube in the second floor of the library that happens to have a widow right above it. The shades work and there is a power supply nearby. The wireless signal isn't great, but it works. The light above it is out, but the natural light seems to mitigate this. Though its not perfect, I think I'll call it home for a month or so.

32 days till I put pen to paper and forge my new career!!!

PS- free lunch to the first person to comment and name the author of the above referenced song - you must affirmatively attest that you pulled this out of your head, not cyberspace. NO CHEATING!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Simply Amazing

And safe to show your boss.

The Human Body Really is Amazing

DISCLAIMER - this post may be just too gross for some.

Last night I had some stomach problems and decided I should take some little pills for them. I took the first pill no problem (I have a bad habit of swallowing pills w/o wateR) While taking the second pill, couldn't get it swallowed and accidentially inhaled it. Needless to say, I was freaked out. The pill was very small so I couldn't choke on it, but I was afraid I would aspirate it to a lung and I had just enought time to envision a major surgery to get out a little bitty pill when it started. The projectile vomiting. Uncontrollable, unstoppable and really quite amazing.

Needless to say, the little pill didn't stand a chance.

Upon further reflection, this is an amazing feature to have. I was sitting there wondering how the hell i was going to get this damn pill out of my trachea so it didn't cause an infection when my body invoked the Bernoulli Principle which is commonly utilized in the Venturi Pump which I used in college lab classes to suction something dry and whatnot.

It was really amazing that just as I formed the thought... "what the hell am I going to do now" my body had a solution, that was very simple, but functional to take care to an idiot like me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Faithful or Crazy??

There is a gentleman who comes to the library and will sit and read to himself. It sounds as if he is reading scripture of some sort of religious importance. I see him walking from here to there and he's always in the undergraduate library or at the law school library. Its very interesting and whatever he's doing, he's clearly devoted. I sometimes want to interrupt him and ask what he's doing. Other times I just think maybe this guy is crazy. Regardless, this guy clearly belevies in something and thats usually something worth noting.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Well, Wifey has reached a major milestone in here life. Today marks the fifth complete year she has been shackled to me in matrimonial bliss. I think Wifey deserves a big round of applause. In honor of our state or marital euphoria, we are getting a security system. A big YAY for being married way too long.

In other news, Dora remains on the prowl. She at least thinks she is ferocious. Angelina, arguably the more fierce beast of the home is doing just fine. She had her leg infected because she likes to fight but has been restricted to the house and, amazingly, she has managed to stay healthy. Hard to get anything but fat when you lay in bed all day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is it Robbery or Larceny?

Who really knows. None-the-less, someone broke into the neighbors' house a couple days ago - yes, the new neighbors who did the carrying over the threshold. I feel awful for them. The police did collect some fingerprints though. Now we have get an alarm - any thoughts?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Clearly Ridiculous

So, the bar review course - Bar Bri has gotten going. I have devoted a solid 2 days to organiztion because I'm OCD like that. I took all my books to a local print shop and had the 8 or 10 spines cut off the books and then 3 hold punched. I've reorganized everthing into 8 3-ring binders. There are over 300 questions per topic. Six topics on the multistate and then we have to figure out a bunch of GA law stuff. So thats what I'm up to for the next few days. The Ga Bar is on July 23&24. Good times.

So I haven't been up to much other than studying. We've had some good times with friends, but everyone is pretty muct studying. Wifey and I have been trying to cook at home a good bit to save on the mulah. I want some new golf clubs but I be is too broke to buy dem. So not even a whole lot of motivation to go hit balls.

Well, I guess I'll keep paying attn to Professor Whitebread.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

They told me I was quite the nerd....

At the urging of Tortious, I took the nerd test. Here are my results:

I am nerdier than 88% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I can't really decide whether to be proud of this or not....hmmm.....