Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ferris is OK

Well, we went and saw Ferris and he is ok. His trailer is totally burned out. Not that a trailer on fire can ever really be salvageable. The most distressing thing regards, well there are 2 distressing things. 1) the fire was clearly arson. Someone started a fire under the back corner of the trailer and 2) Ferris had some fire-proof file cabinets that contained his very old photos and whatnot and the fire people opened them with a fire axe. Hopefully things in there are salvageable. What a mess.

Personally, he seems to be doing ok. We all went to the Cracker Barrel and he ate all of his vegetable plate and was willing to talk about things so I see that as a good sign. Hopefully he will find more things intact than expected as he sifts through things in the coming days.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Save Ferris

Well I regret to inform ye, oh blogworld, that my cousin's mobile home burned down last night. So, I'm headed down to Savannah to see what happened. Poor guy, lost his home and his office. We are headed to survey the scene. Just be keeping him in your prayers.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Exciting Moment

Ahh - i don't know what it says about me, But I had a very exciting moment today. I realized that 1) I had boars head bologna in the fridge 2) I had bread 3) WE HAVE A TOASTER AT WORK. To you, this may be absolutely meaningless, or disgusting if you don't like the bolgona. However,as a small child, Ms. Ruby, the babysitter, fed us bologna on toasted bread with mustard and ketsup. I still look on these sandwiches with fondness. So, today I made myself one. Only I couldn't find the ketsup. need to put that on my grocery list

i'll try and post more now...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

As life would have it

Well, I have a little phone thingy and I'm not posting or commenting or well, much of anything. I must ask that you hang in there oh faithful readers. I've been transitioning into work and previously I really enjoyed sitting down and reading blogs. However, when my computer was stolen, well my favorites were stolen too. I struggle to set all the links I had back up. Furthermore, my only computer is at work, which is connected to the big-firm-big-brother network so I'm heistant to use up their computing resources to maintain my blog. Maybe they'll finally get me a laptop and I can do this from home again.

I'll try and do better.