Monday, July 30, 2007

I got tagged

10 Things I like about me:

1. This beer gut is really starting to grow on me.

2. I have some good handy skilz.

3. My ideas are usually pretty good.

4. I like my hair. I have good hair. My mom's dad had great hair so I think i'll be able to keep it.

5. I like my diplomas.

6. I like that I took the bar and am hoping to pass.

7. I like my house, the parts that's finished that is.

8. I like the wifey, seeing as we're married, that is still something about me for all you contrarians.

9. I like my blog.

10. I like my readers.


cdp said...

And we like you too! PS, could you leave a comment on my blog that I really am hot, so people won't think I'm totally full of shit? I could pay you to do that if you want. Also let's have lunch on thursday or friday.

Ally said...

Yeah, I'm pretty like-able.

icadle said...

cdp - groveling comment will be published and thrusday or friday sounds good b/c i don't have any plans right now. and i like that.

ally - yes, you are very like-able.

I'm a Marilyn not a Jackie said...

how did you do? i'm taking the exam in feb. 08. when studying, did they tell you that there were any essay topics that are more likely to be tested?