Monday, April 30, 2007


what do you think about that?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

5 Q's from Ally

(1) What makes you think Crocs are a good idea?
The Croc is a good versitile shoe with many of the performance aspects of a sandal but the comfort aspects of a full shoe. The plasticized material they are constructed of resists tearing and chewing by the dog. These shoes dry quickly and provide good traction. Crocs are good for mowing the lawn, gardening, and pressure washing.

(2) If you could go anywhere in the world for two weeks, where would you go?
India... China....Greece... Do I have to just pick one??? I dont' know

(3) Which NKOTB are you most like?
I don't even know what NKOTB stands for.

(4) What is the best meal you've ever eaten?
Whenever you go home and mom is really firing on all 6 in the kitchen... I don't know if I can pick just one.

(5) What song could you currently listen to on repeat and not feel annoyed?
This song does not exist.

Accidental Cut & Paste

So this is what I signed up for with law school....

No attempt has been made to "codify" these specific factors. Daubert itself emphasized that the factors were neither exclusive nor dispositive. Other cases have recognized that not all of the specific Daubert factors can apply to every type of expert testimony. In addition to Kumho, 119 S.Ct. at 1175, see Tyus v. Urban Search Management, 102 F.3d 256 (7th Cir. 1996) (noting that the factors mentioned by the Court in Daubert do not neatly apply to expert testimony from a sociologist). See also Kannankeril v. Terminix Int'l, Inc., 128 F.3d 802, 809 (3d Cir. 1997) ( holding that lack of peer review or publication was not dispositive where the expert's opinion was supported by "widely accepted scientific knowledge").

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Arrival of the Crocs

Well, the controversial shoes have arrived. I was all excited about wearing the ugly things out in the hot summer sun, alas, the weather has returned to february here and I'm mightly upset about the whole thing. Summer will be here soon enough though!

School is busy as we have lots of project type crap to do before the end of the semester. Then we have two whole weeks before graduation to much up the joint. That should be fun. Trying to finish up the last of these projects now...woohoo

Monday, April 09, 2007

Passing Along

Well folks, I passed the MPRE - 120 / 150. I can ethically practice in all of the 50 states. Good news!

My Weekend - 29 and Official

Another lovely birthday. Wifey got me some doo-doo brown crocs. They will be delivered sometime soon. A trip to the boro - recipient of booze, cookies, and mom got me some shorts I'm too fat to wear. Good thing I didn't remove the tags. Maybe I need to get some new running shoes and work on those 2 inches of waist. A major celebration was commenced in the barn, complete with fish fry and bon fire. My sinuses still hate the bon-fire. I cleared some space back in the woods for a shed we hope to build in the near future. Somewhere to put all the junk when we have parties in the barn.

Dora also aged another year over the weekend. She is officially 2. Its nice to share a birthday with the dog. This year she received 2 pig hooves stuffed with some dog-friendly stuff. She loved them. Dora also accompanied us on the trip to the boro. She wore her new car harness for the first time and tolerated it quite well. In the 'boro, Dora engaged her many doggie friends in rousing games of fetch, chase, and general fighting. She seemed to enjoy her trip and is now chewing on the remenants of her birthday treat at my feet as I post.

happy monday!

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Neighbors Are Home

Ahhh - my new favorirte neighbors are home...hmmm....

Here is a lil' multiple choice question for you. Are the new neighbors:

A) Painting their walls
B) Practicing the Threashold Carry
C) Spying on their new neighbors
D) All of the above



Its good friday - happy good friday everyone.

Its also Dora's birthday - she's 2 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORA!!

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yay. I think... I don't know how to feel about birthdays anymore.

Today, the roofers are next door so I have an endless supply of entertainment. Always a sound way to procrastinate that brief.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

These Kids Ride the Short Bus

Well, not really. But there is a store for the learning disability kids and bad behavors down the street. Sometimes, I see the Teachers from the school chasing some kid down the street. Well, yesterday I came home and three teachers were standing in my new neighbors yard. They had walkie-talkies, and well they didn't look like they were accustomed to chasing people down the street, thats for sure.

The ladies mill around, I set up my computer and open the blinds. Yes, this is of course happening behind the house owned by the new neighbors (the ones who did the carrying over the threashold the other day, you know, the ones)

Anyways, I keep watching and I see two big, burly guys come over - now these guys clearly chase children on a regular basis - and grab the little shit by the wrists and escort the lil' bastid back to the school. Later, a cop shows up and I give him the neighbors information.

After inspecting the broken window, it appears the kid was trying to break into the house, maybe to steal something. He turned off the power and broke a window.

The school says they are paying for the window - I'll let you know how that works out.

Somebody Took My Damn Money

Well, last week I was on the way to Swainsboro. My dear mother promised to purchase some plants for the house here on Drury. So, off I go. On the way down there, I get a lovely call from Wifey. Wifey says Wachovia called, Wachovia says someobone bought $1,077.38 of quality goods from a Wal-Mart in Tucker Georgia. Well, that someone wasn't me.

According to the nice people my last transaction was at the Arclight theater in Los Angeles. Well, they would be correct. So, now I have to fill out some affidavit. I get the affidavit and take it to my local Wachovia, where they fax it for free. So, Wachovia gave me my money back. And I have no idea who got the card. In fact, the actual card is still in my pocket. So, I have no idea who got my number or where from. Odd.