Monday, July 02, 2007

The Party's Over - for now.

Well, I'm back from the 'Boro - For the record, I only broke the backhoe twice, and, thanks to the assistance of my able brother, we got'er back up and running. Overall, I built about 1800 feet or road back around the property line and its very nice. Hopefully we can put in a pipe and add to the walking trail. (backhoe got very stuck once). Also cut down one tree, using backhoe to keep it from falling on the storage shed containing prize possessions or one eccentric cousin. Also pushed a second tree over using the bucket so it wouldn't fall on mom & dad's house. Very productive weekend I say. Its amazing what you can do with a good hoe.

Anyways, I've resolved to cut down on my blogging and reading other's bloggs. I'll be lurking and commenting occassionally, its just this thing i have to do so I'll actually study for this pesky exam. I'm sure I'll post, but I thought I'd let everyone know whats up.


Ally said...

Hey! I can understand taking a break....July sort of becomes crunch time. I am actually coming to Macon this weekend for a wedding....maybe we can figure out a time to catch up.

cdp said...

Dude, I only have 6 readers. C'mon now.

"Its amazing what you can do with a good hoe."

Utterly quotable, no?