Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm the kind of guy who's used to doing most everything well. Well, that is unless I decide I don't care to do something well. I didn't play little league baseball because I knew I sucked at it. So, I wound up being the only guy I know that didn't play even one season of little league. T-ball, yes. anything more, sounded like too much practice for little or no return.

However, this bar exam thing. I'm actually working at this. Trying to learn new stuff, study hard, put in the time, all that jaz. Turns out I'm getting about 55% of the questions right consistently. 55% people. This is a multiple choice exam with four answer choices. Therefore, I can basically narrow it down b/t 2 answers and guess every time and my score would, theoretically be the same. This is disgusting.

However, according to the website of the Georgia Bar, something like 91% of the people who take this thing, and attended a law school in the state of Georgia will pass the test and become duly licensed attorneys. Man, this process is brutal.


Ally said...

Not only is it brutal, but it's also stupid.

Keep up the hard work, and like always, you'll be fine. Boxes of red hots seemed to really help me in my preparation:)

cdp said...

You're good enough; you're smart enough; and dog gone it, people like you.