Thursday, December 14, 2006

Toilet Paper Delivery Systems

So Letterman just had the kid scinetists on. This is cool. You mount 4 or more rolls onto a leaf blower and use the blower to distrute the toilet paper. Looks like it will do 4 double rolls in about 2 minutes.

So, who's made you mad laterly because this is a challenge I'm up for.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Multitalented Multitasker

Today I was a carpenter, maid and a locksmith

shinny new locks at my house! Come check them out.

Comment Moderation

Has been enabled to see if this will alow the crazy beta blogger to work better for commenting.... please email me if it does not. I really don't care to moderate the comments.

Plain Lazy

I almost forgot. As mentioned earlier, I'm installing new exterior doors on the house. As I was purchasing these lock sets, I discussed my keying options with the nice man at the hardware counter. Upon directing the nice man to key both new sets alike, I think noticed something amazing. All at the same instant, I realized that I purchased the same type of locks that are on my parent's house, that i carry a key to their house, that the nice man could key my new locks to this key on my key chain, and that the net result to me would be one less key to carry around.

Thats right. I now have the same key to my house as my parents. All so I can drop .02oz of weight from my daily carry around responsibilities.

That folks, is sad.

My Neck, My Back, My Neck & My Back

I mixed 19 bags of concrete by hand today. Ferris, I think I'm dying.

In other news the front and side doors are in the process of being replaced and I am on my way to having built my first fountain.

Off to bed. before I pass out.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oatmeal and doors

About the oatmeal, its actually steel cut oats, not rolled oats. Therefore, its not what we americans know as oatmeal, but more akin to porrige. I took ally's suggestion and made it with extra milk tonight. tomorrow is rasin oatmeal.

As to the doors, I hung 2 doors today. A front and side one. In purchasing the lock sets, I noticed that i chose the ones that are of the same maker as those at the 'rent's ranch. In choosing a key, I thought, what a fine opportunity to lose a key. So, yes, the door on my house has the same key as the one to my parents. I'm taking lazy to a new level here.


Today, I made some oatmeal, the kind that comes in the form of chopped oats. No, these aren't "rolled oats" which are typically used for oatmeal, but a less processed variety. According to the can, they're irish oats. My oatmeal began last night when I saw "Good Eats" on the dvr. I took the mini dip warming crockpot, put in 1 part oats, 4 parts water, a splash of milk, and some dried cranberries. Placed it on my nightstand so if it caught on fire, I'd be the first to know. Turned off when i went to bed after watching tv for a few hrs. Turned on the first time the alarm sounded this morning and enjoyed when I finally got my ass outta bed.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

What I did Today

Well, I may need to finish the bathroom, but today I started building my fountain in the back yard. There is a 37'x51' concrete slab in my back yard I'm damn tired of looking at. So, I dug a big-ass hole in the back yard and I 'm installing a fountain. The slab will extend up, long ways, with a concrete basin that roughly mirrors the up-right. I'm going to take a 1" copper pipe, drill holes in it and the water will drip down. I may put up a picture when I get done. Its a damn big hole though.

The System

I may be stealing someone else's post with this, but apparantly some foster parent put their own child's christmas wish list on the "adopt-a-foster-kid" list put out by dfacs. So, instead of a list of presents for the named 1 yr. old, there were things on the list such as a battery-operated ride-on toy. These gifts would clearly be enjoyed by their four year old.

So, I'm going to do a bit of point-counterpoint as, though this is plain wrong... I kinda see what they're doing here...

First, do you remember your first Christmas? I don't but I sure as hell remember being four of five. I personally got a die-cast aluminum ride on tractor (john deere of course) from my grandparents. So, the four year old clearly has the opportunity to have a memorable Christmas. What about the morality here? Ever other day of the year the biological child must receive less attention because these people have personally accepted the burden of society and take care of someone else's child. Financially, these people probably are spending their own money on the foster child. Overall, these nice foster parents are giving and sacrificing in a very personal way to place this child in a stable, loving environment.

However, should my friend be buying presents for someone else's kid? Yes, its deceptive to put that a 1 yr old wants a ride-on-big-kids-toy. But, at the same time, they can't ask for help with their own kid. What to do? Maybe the state isn't providing enough support for these people... Maybe they need more help than they are getting? I don't think its right that these parents asked for their own kids gifts, but clearly something more must be wrong here.

Finally did it

Well, I finally switched to the beta blogger. let me know if you have issues with my blog. all three of you.

Friday, December 08, 2006


A rebel without a cause, can't figure out what to do with myself... where do i start???

So, as you may have noticed from the lack of activity here, I have been damn busy. I remember making a list on Monday before thanksgiving of all the things I had to accomplish between then and yesteday. It was daunting. So, since that time a mere three weeks ago, I've taken three finals, prepared a trial notebook, written a 21 page paper, and completed my bar application of fitness. I also hand delivered mine and wifey's to atlanta and then returned to atlanta last night for dinner with the father in law to celebrate his birthday. In making the errand yesterday, I stopped by the Your Dekalb Farmers Market. See the new link. This place is amazing. I bought dry staples, butter, rice, pomegranite molassis, balsimic vinegar, and a case of wine, for $110.45 (yes, an entire case of wine!) Amazing

So, now I'm home. I cleaned up the bedroom yesterday and am wondering where to start next. We have a rather unfinished house through and through and unfortunately its fucking cold outside which makes the sawing and whatnot rather unpleasant. I miss summer already. Or at least the warm fall days.

So, I have to finish a master bath, install 2 exterior doors, put up a shit-ton of trim, etc. Where do you think i should start??

PS - Wifey passed MPRE so we can all rest assured she stands on solid ethical ground.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Get ready for some serious macho crap

Ok, don't take this as complaining, but my life has had its up and downs. I've had good days, bad days and all those in between. But the one constant in all those was the fact that every time I watched a new 007 movie, I could count on seeing some hot ass chick in a bikini, and james bond blowing stuff up, driving fast cars, and generally providing me the mental vacay I so despreately crave from time to time. Bond has gotten me thorugh more holidays than I care to recall. My early days of exam procrastination were begun with the Bond marathon before thanksgiving every year (quarter system mind you). Every holiday at the in-laws- you can find me watching james pull of some preposterous stunt and making out with some ridiculously lovely woman in no-where-ville, on some technological magical thingy, after killing all the bad guys and saving the world, yet again.

HOWEVER, this new ass-clown Daniel Craig wants the next Bond movie to have a gay scene in it. Let it be said that I am most comfortable in my straightness. I have gay friends, and I appreciate that they truely love each other as much as any two people can. Having 2 penises in a relationship does not preclude a true partnership. However, 2 penises in a james bond fick equals the end of a franchise that has celebrated the heterosexual male and some beautiful women. In fact, I think 60% or more of the attraction to a bond film are the women. Lots of them. Beautiful. Gay bond? not hardly.

Furthermore, I would like to say Mr. Craig, ass-clown that he may be, was an excellent bond. He was also excellent in the layer cake. However, this new notion of bond seriously has me wondering.

Monday, December 04, 2006


My 3 readers MUST be missing me. I have a last final tomorrow then I'll find something to post about that is not so boring as tort reform in georgia, the ABA rules of professional conduct, the demands of trial advocacy, or the fact that its freaking freazing outside. I've brought out the "heat full release." for those of you who know the joy of this, be jealous, very jealous.

more to come.