Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi Ho Hi HO - its off to the Pokey I go

Well, I mentioned the breaking and entering and larceny (defined as the taking of another's property with intent to permanently deprive another of said property, if you were wondering)into the neighbor's home the other day. The one that caused us to get an alarm system. Yes, that one.

Well, beleive it or not, they actually caught the guy. Have fingerprint evidence and everything. AMAZING. This criminal justice system might just work after all.

in other news, if you want to see some crazy stuff, go to This guy is going around his neighborhood taking pictures of people picking up ladies of the evening(who do a lot of work during the day as his videos show) and posts it on the web. In fact, if you live in his area, you can register your car and he will send you an email if he ever catches your significant other having some professional fun on the side. Its a bit nasty, but pretty fascinating if you ask me.


cdp said...

All this talk of folks going off to the pokey has me daydreaming of the fates of contemptuous young men.

Seriously, johntv? That's freaking beautiful.

Happy Boro!

Anonymous said...

have fun doing the jailhouse rock thing.

johntv sounds like a genius

Ally said... brother in law may like that better than Cheaters....