Monday, June 25, 2007

A Wonderful Surprise

Santa came early to the Cadle's. I ventured to the 'Boro this weekend for the celebration of my brother's thrid anniversary. Sounded like a good reason to get out of town for the afternoon. On the way down, I get a call from him asking if I can come help move a pool table. Huh?

As we proceed down the driveway to the 'Boro, Wifey exclaims - "WHere the Hell did that huge ass tractor come from?" - Huh? Holy Smokes there is a full size backhoe sitting in the yard. This is starting to get exciting.

So, I get home and lo and behold, someone has give my father a pool table, complete with cues, balls, etc. But, we have to go get it. This is exciting news as the particular pool table in question is of historical significance, as this is the pool table I first ever recall playing pool on. However, it is imperitive that we fetch this pool table in record time because I also have permission from the owner of the glorious machine to go play around with it. So, off to the country we go to fetch the pool table.

An hour or so and an aching back later, we return with the pool table. Somehow, we moved the entire table, without taking it apart out of the Shack and into the Barn - now for the next item of business.... GET ME ON THAT BACKHOE!!!

So, my brother gives me a little tour on how to operate it and I am off to the races. I have a little knowedge of how to use one of these b/c I rented a mini-excavator for house construction purposes. However, this thing is big and mean. So, I go start to dig and rip stuff up... (we are clearing a lane along the far property line of the "back forty") - amazingly, I managed to clear a couple hundred yards of property line and not tear the thing up. Hopefully it will be waiting on me b/c I'm going back down there next weekend to do some more.

PS - my back hurts!


cdp said...

Such fun! If there's anyone I know who loves big manly machines more than my boys, it's totally their Uncle Ivy. Ps, a pool table too? Umm, jackpot dude. Loved reading such a happy post from you!

Smooches to wifey -

Ally said...

Yeah for a break from studying! I am glad you had fun playing.

Wifey said...

I swear.....your eyes lit up like the kid from "A Christmas Story" when he got his Red Rider bb gun.
Hopefully it will still be there next weekend. Can I get a ride on it?

cdp said...

She thinks your tractor's sexy.