Monday, April 09, 2007

My Weekend - 29 and Official

Another lovely birthday. Wifey got me some doo-doo brown crocs. They will be delivered sometime soon. A trip to the boro - recipient of booze, cookies, and mom got me some shorts I'm too fat to wear. Good thing I didn't remove the tags. Maybe I need to get some new running shoes and work on those 2 inches of waist. A major celebration was commenced in the barn, complete with fish fry and bon fire. My sinuses still hate the bon-fire. I cleared some space back in the woods for a shed we hope to build in the near future. Somewhere to put all the junk when we have parties in the barn.

Dora also aged another year over the weekend. She is officially 2. Its nice to share a birthday with the dog. This year she received 2 pig hooves stuffed with some dog-friendly stuff. She loved them. Dora also accompanied us on the trip to the boro. She wore her new car harness for the first time and tolerated it quite well. In the 'boro, Dora engaged her many doggie friends in rousing games of fetch, chase, and general fighting. She seemed to enjoy her trip and is now chewing on the remenants of her birthday treat at my feet as I post.

happy monday!

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Ally said...

Crocs? Hmm. Oh well doo-doo brown seems appropriate.

I'm glad you had such a fun birthday weekend dear Ivy! Sounds like a fitting celebration (except for the pesky sinuses).