Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Somebody Took My Damn Money

Well, last week I was on the way to Swainsboro. My dear mother promised to purchase some plants for the house here on Drury. So, off I go. On the way down there, I get a lovely call from Wifey. Wifey says Wachovia called, Wachovia says someobone bought $1,077.38 of quality goods from a Wal-Mart in Tucker Georgia. Well, that someone wasn't me.

According to the nice people my last transaction was at the Arclight theater in Los Angeles. Well, they would be correct. So, now I have to fill out some affidavit. I get the affidavit and take it to my local Wachovia, where they fax it for free. So, Wachovia gave me my money back. And I have no idea who got the card. In fact, the actual card is still in my pocket. So, I have no idea who got my number or where from. Odd.

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cdp said...

That is REALLY weird.