Tuesday, April 24, 2007

5 Q's from Ally

(1) What makes you think Crocs are a good idea?
The Croc is a good versitile shoe with many of the performance aspects of a sandal but the comfort aspects of a full shoe. The plasticized material they are constructed of resists tearing and chewing by the dog. These shoes dry quickly and provide good traction. Crocs are good for mowing the lawn, gardening, and pressure washing.

(2) If you could go anywhere in the world for two weeks, where would you go?
India... China....Greece... Do I have to just pick one??? I dont' know

(3) Which NKOTB are you most like?
I don't even know what NKOTB stands for.

(4) What is the best meal you've ever eaten?
Whenever you go home and mom is really firing on all 6 in the kitchen... I don't know if I can pick just one.

(5) What song could you currently listen to on repeat and not feel annoyed?
This song does not exist.


cdp said...

NKOTB: you are most like . . . hmmm. Umm, I say Donnie.

PS - New Kids on the Block

Ally said...

I think he's like Jordan....he was sort of gay and the most likely to think Crocs are a good idea for men.

p.s. I've read that you can put Crocs in the dishwasher, which is sort of cool.