Wednesday, April 04, 2007

These Kids Ride the Short Bus

Well, not really. But there is a store for the learning disability kids and bad behavors down the street. Sometimes, I see the Teachers from the school chasing some kid down the street. Well, yesterday I came home and three teachers were standing in my new neighbors yard. They had walkie-talkies, and well they didn't look like they were accustomed to chasing people down the street, thats for sure.

The ladies mill around, I set up my computer and open the blinds. Yes, this is of course happening behind the house owned by the new neighbors (the ones who did the carrying over the threashold the other day, you know, the ones)

Anyways, I keep watching and I see two big, burly guys come over - now these guys clearly chase children on a regular basis - and grab the little shit by the wrists and escort the lil' bastid back to the school. Later, a cop shows up and I give him the neighbors information.

After inspecting the broken window, it appears the kid was trying to break into the house, maybe to steal something. He turned off the power and broke a window.

The school says they are paying for the window - I'll let you know how that works out.

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cdp said...

Wow. Turned off the power? How old is this kid? Seems to be turning into quite the effective nuisance at such a tender age. PS, I didn't know that school was for bad behavors too. Perhaps I should look into sending my own 52 inches of bad behavior over there - see if they can deal with THAT.