Friday, December 08, 2006


A rebel without a cause, can't figure out what to do with myself... where do i start???

So, as you may have noticed from the lack of activity here, I have been damn busy. I remember making a list on Monday before thanksgiving of all the things I had to accomplish between then and yesteday. It was daunting. So, since that time a mere three weeks ago, I've taken three finals, prepared a trial notebook, written a 21 page paper, and completed my bar application of fitness. I also hand delivered mine and wifey's to atlanta and then returned to atlanta last night for dinner with the father in law to celebrate his birthday. In making the errand yesterday, I stopped by the Your Dekalb Farmers Market. See the new link. This place is amazing. I bought dry staples, butter, rice, pomegranite molassis, balsimic vinegar, and a case of wine, for $110.45 (yes, an entire case of wine!) Amazing

So, now I'm home. I cleaned up the bedroom yesterday and am wondering where to start next. We have a rather unfinished house through and through and unfortunately its fucking cold outside which makes the sawing and whatnot rather unpleasant. I miss summer already. Or at least the warm fall days.

So, I have to finish a master bath, install 2 exterior doors, put up a shit-ton of trim, etc. Where do you think i should start??

PS - Wifey passed MPRE so we can all rest assured she stands on solid ethical ground.

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