Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Get ready for some serious macho crap

Ok, don't take this as complaining, but my life has had its up and downs. I've had good days, bad days and all those in between. But the one constant in all those was the fact that every time I watched a new 007 movie, I could count on seeing some hot ass chick in a bikini, and james bond blowing stuff up, driving fast cars, and generally providing me the mental vacay I so despreately crave from time to time. Bond has gotten me thorugh more holidays than I care to recall. My early days of exam procrastination were begun with the Bond marathon before thanksgiving every year (quarter system mind you). Every holiday at the in-laws- you can find me watching james pull of some preposterous stunt and making out with some ridiculously lovely woman in no-where-ville, on some technological magical thingy, after killing all the bad guys and saving the world, yet again.

HOWEVER, this new ass-clown Daniel Craig wants the next Bond movie to have a gay scene in it. Let it be said that I am most comfortable in my straightness. I have gay friends, and I appreciate that they truely love each other as much as any two people can. Having 2 penises in a relationship does not preclude a true partnership. However, 2 penises in a james bond fick equals the end of a franchise that has celebrated the heterosexual male and some beautiful women. In fact, I think 60% or more of the attraction to a bond film are the women. Lots of them. Beautiful. Gay bond? not hardly.

Furthermore, I would like to say Mr. Craig, ass-clown that he may be, was an excellent bond. He was also excellent in the layer cake. However, this new notion of bond seriously has me wondering.


Anonymous said...

Hey stranger!

Sounds like there may finally be a Bond flick with a tiny probability of finding slight favor with me.

icadle said...

Well, you can't please everyone all the time. Better be consistent I say.