Sunday, December 10, 2006


Today, I made some oatmeal, the kind that comes in the form of chopped oats. No, these aren't "rolled oats" which are typically used for oatmeal, but a less processed variety. According to the can, they're irish oats. My oatmeal began last night when I saw "Good Eats" on the dvr. I took the mini dip warming crockpot, put in 1 part oats, 4 parts water, a splash of milk, and some dried cranberries. Placed it on my nightstand so if it caught on fire, I'd be the first to know. Turned off when i went to bed after watching tv for a few hrs. Turned on the first time the alarm sounded this morning and enjoyed when I finally got my ass outta bed.


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Ally said...

I LOVE oatmeal. But with more milk, no water. Glad yours was tasty.