Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Good Weekend

I've had a great weekend. I hope you have too. We spent the weekend at home, making meals on the "plan" and went to a couple Christmas parties. I do love a good Christmas party. Its interesting though. I've stopped consuming alcohol while I'm trying to drop this 50 pounds and it makes some interesting "cocktail' conversation. I think me not drinking makes others more un-comfortable that me. I'm fine with not drinking and while I do miss a god gin and tonic, I don't need to drink to talk to folks and hang out. It does seem that people don't really know what to do when I say I'm fine or, "I'll take a water" or "Soda and lime". Man, the looks are classic. but I must say, I'm educating my friends on what is going on and for the most part they have been very understanding.

We made some progress around the house. I'm finally prepared to work on the dormers and other parts of the exterior that need work but this week I focused on making a little oak shelf for the upstairs kitchen. I'll have to take a picture later. I have made it to match the cabinets and glued it together so there aren't any fastner holes.

I hope your weekend went great as well!

not drinking on this plan and it makes for some intersting

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Ally said...

You're right about it making others uncomfortable. I rarely drank at firm events simply because I don't like to drink and drive (even one drink) and just don't care to drink with coworkers (since I run my mouth enough when sober). I constantly got asked why I wasn't drinking as if it's a big deal--but I guess it is to some people.

Anyway, nice work with being so disciplined!