Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Are What You Eat

Well I'm on week two of this nutritionist diet and I must say I'm pretty impressed overall. We have never given food this much thought. Its amazing how persave our food choices can be. My nutritionist gives me a seven day a week, three meal a day plan and you pretty well have to stick to it. I've never eaten such variety in my life. I hated it for a few days (this could be because we hit 5 christmas parties last week and tried to initiate this diet but I digress). It's actually gotten to be a fun challenge to make the meals conform to the plan and be tasty!

I've lost 7 pounds, that is 3.5 pounds a week. I get hungry but I'm eating a ton of food. I bet my salad for lunch weights 16 ounces.

I eat a wide variety of things like fish, beef, chicken and even have to eat my carbs. She gave me a hard time for forgeting my bread with lunch one day. Seems that carbs help buffer protein or something like that. I've mostly stopped drinking alcohol and am required to exercise for an hour a day, all cardio, no weights. She say's we'll do weights later to keep me from looking too skinny. Overall its a pretty good deal and its nice to know that I'm losing weight and gettting the foods that I need to stay healthy overall.

Well back to work for me. I've got to hit the gym over lunch!


Ally said...

Nice work! Seven pounds in two weeks is fantastic!

I think seeing a nutritionist is SO smart. Did you find her through your gym? Speaking of the gym, where are you working out?

I vote that you start weights now--even if it's just one or two weight workouts a week.

p.s. I'm starting with a personal trainer on Saturday! Being back at a desk job = not good for the body.

icadle said...

I found the nutritionist through my doctor I see each year for a general check-up. I do exercise daily. I do 1 hour of cardio every day. Weight training is not part of this plan at this time. I do weight training after I've actually lost the weight. If you're lifting weights, its hard to tell if your gaining or losing body fat without a more sophisticated test that a simple scale.

Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's amazing to me you can do this thru the holidays, but you are obviously succeeding. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!