Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, as expected it was a good weekend. I did get to go play golf on Friday afternoon. The speaker at the Bar Luncheon was good. He disproved the notion that judges who site on appellate courts must be stuffy.

Golf was great for 9 holes. Golf then proceeded to fall apart for the subsequent 9 holes. It was a beautiful day though and I have only my lack of skill to blame.

The weekend was fun. I don't really remember what we did Friday night.... really don't remember drinking... weird. Oh yeah, I didn't get back from golf till late, ate some leftovers and hung with the neighbors. That's right. Wifey's former co-workers came over on Saturday night for a grilling. After the day of organizing the tool shed.

Sunday was devoted to continued organization of the tool shed and putting casters on a table. Also, THE POOL OPENED THIS WEEKEND!!! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW EXCITING THAT IS! (they even got new furniture. score!)

So there were also some pool-side chicken fingers involved in the quality of the weekend.

Hope all is well for my three readers!

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