Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been awhile

I've been so busy having fun I haven't made time for the chronicles. My sincere apologies. I assure you there have been plenty of barn parties, backhoes, and golfing, and maybe even a little bit of the LAW to go around here.

Finally getting the hang of operating the backhoe. It's a good time. I've been working quite a bit lately, but not too crazy. We had tornadoes here in our town. Power was out for a couple days. that was not fun at all. Fortunately we didn't lose a refridgerator full of groceries like many around us.

I'm working on my annual law updated for a group of convenience store owners. good times.


cdp said...

Cleaning out the fridge was an unpleasant experience. Blech.

Little too much of the law over here. My head hurts.

Anonymous said...

Backhoe? Boys and their toys....lol