Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm Proud of my Boss Today

Dangerous as it is, yup, there, I said it. I've been working on a complicated motion for the past few days, researching it, making it to. I've been invited to play some golf later this afternoon. I emailed the boss and he said I could go.

And what does he do. Well he calls late yesterday and says we must file this motion today. The one i've barely started drafting.

So I work late, get it done and am proofreading it, knowing this is one of those situations where you send if for review at 9:00am and get no work until you've just missed your commitment.

NOT SO young grasshopper. He called at 8:15, recognized that I have a golf outing this afternoon and said he wanted to be sure we got this taken care of so I could go.

Good thing can happen. It should be a great weekend.

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cdp said...

Even BTF can be a pretty champ guy some days, huh?