Friday, March 07, 2008

Rainy Day to Close out the Week

Well folks, no, I'm not dead. I have been traveling back and forth to the ATL for this and that. Meetings with experts, clients, and the like. Not much going on this weekend. Rest up and do some work around the house. Still trying to lose weight. I've been down five pounds for like two weeks now. I think its going to take some work to hit 210. I think i'll start next week.

So, thats about all thats going on around here. I did get a call this morning from my room-mate/tenant's boyfriends just to tell us we make excellent coffee. That is a damn good way to start the day.


cdp said...

Goddamn blogger ate my comment. wtf.

Is GBSIV in town? hmm.

Anyway, the weather sucks and I didn't want to leave my bed this morning like, at all. Yuck.

Have a great weekend, love. <3 you!

Ally said...

Happy Friday!

Wish I had some of that delicious coffee.

Keep up the good work with the weight:)