Sunday, March 09, 2008

A damn fine weekend

Well folks, I actually had a real weekend. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing but sit and watch TV and though I can't say I could do it for more than one day in a row, it was glorious. We did make a big breakfast to share with the roommate and her finace, but other than a little cooking and cleaning, I was on the couch, with the dog.

Today has been a different story. The household finances were . . . well give yourself three years with no income and law school bills . . . now double it, and there you have us. So, I've been working to get my head around this and I've been struggling with whether to buy or not to buy the new version of quickbooks but I started with this project today and the new version of quickbooks was a worthwhile investment.

It will interface with your bank records and it makes reconciling statements a cinch. I even found some errant charges and saves some $$. I don't know that I can whole heartedly recommend the quickbooks for someone who doesn't have a sigifnicant amount of understanding of the double sided accounting system, but if you can work with it, its a damn powerful tool. Hopefully I'll have a much better understanding of our cash flows and whether or not we are actually making more than we spend here in the next couple months. I think we're doing pretty good but if you as anal as I am, you want to know where good is to the penny.


cdp said...

I have to agree that the QB reconciling rocks. I don't use it at home but having reconciled the statements for three business accounts, I def second your emotion.

Hope you have a great week. My love to L-Z and D-D.

cdp said...

ps I have responded to your white trash oil spraying commentary chex torty.

SO pedestrian.