Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And now for a few commercial words

I got a cold and I can't help but put up a plug for the zicam cold remedy rapid melts with vitamin C.

I think these really put a kibash of the cold, but I would have a hard time attesting to that because about twice a day I take a handful of pills that would make any good nursing home doctor proud. alleve, vitamin c, mucinex, euchanicia, and others have all contributed to this apparent victory.


cdp said...

you and the mucinex. you've been pushing that sh*t since our first semester of law school.

Ally said...

Love Zicam! It tastes good, and even more importantly--it works.

cdp said...

Are you still alive? Have you succumbed to the head cold? Or been swallowed up by a big kaolin mine? ;-)