Thursday, March 20, 2008

i dont know about the geek squad, but this guy's cool

So folks, I'm in Birmingham on business tonight. As I post this, I'm sitting at a bar at an outback with some random ass folk. But I digress. . .

I have this gps that gets me everywhere I go but today the mount broke. I go to best buy to get a replacement and lo and behold, I'm thinkful the place is open after nine pm.

So, I start looking for my little part and after driving over 300 miles today I'm not with it. I walk roght by I get guy 1 to help and we can't find this stupid little part. They have everything else, but no part I need.

Did I mentio I had the gps on the little shelf in front of the speedometer eith the cigarette lighter behind it and it sliding all over and talking to me?

So yeah, this guy comes over and says, how long have you had it? Since christmas. Ok. And he proceeds to open a new box, had me the part and say, "don't you ever tell anybody I did that."

Sweet. Random acts of kindness are really amazing.


cdp said...

Dude. That is so awesome! What a nice thing to do. Don't you just love the little things? Who knew a GPS mount might restore my faith in the good of humanity?

Hope you're having a good Easter in the ATL. smooches to the wifey.

cdp said...

oh, ps, on our walk yesterday ella was very upset when we got to your house and didn't stop. :-( she was all trotting up in your yard and such. tres disappointed.