Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yoga continues

But some lady butted into a spot that was not big enough and made me scoot back and blocked my view and was really awful at yoga and just damn it that didn't ruin my che

I weighed in at 215.8 today. A recent low.

I have to be in atlanta tomorow for CLE for new lawyers. Really, this is a bit much but it is an excused day out of the office.

Salsburry steak dinner - its what's for lunch. It amazes me that you can have one of these tv dinners with 280 calories and about 10 ounces of food when the small snack of cheezits i just ate weiged 2.2 ounces and had 220 calories. modern food science - go figure

The mother in law was in town and I played some tennis with her and the wifey. I think i'm still a little sore but I think the tennis is pretty good times.

Work is going well. just working working working

I had a good dumb blonde moment the other day. I have benn struggling mightly with the desktop computer we have had for five years. I put a few hundred dollars into it, new memory, a wireless card, keyboard, etc and have been trying to get the wireless to work. The wireless wouldn't work, after many many calls to lynkssys so I decided to try and wire it. I plugged a wire in, which i thought was hooked up to the telephone and the thing went dead. didn't plug in, nothing. I really thought I blew it up. After panicked calls to my brother and looking for a motherboard online, I then went back in and sat there and stared at the thing. Turns out my rattling around down there turned off the power strip. What a moron.

Finally, I got the thing on the internet. Now to do the taxes!


cdp said...

Is this the part where you tell us again that those blond roots are real? hee hee hee

And I must say I've been watching that desktop gather dust for some time, so good job on that one, Bob Vila.

You and the yoga . . . we can't get into via the 'net, now can we?

Also, what kind of salisbury steak dinner did you have? Was it Lean Cuisine? (Weight Watchers? Are you still into that whole scene?) fill a tortious in.

Ally said...

I wish I could get excited about frozen meals, but I just can't seem to manage to ever actually eat them (it doesn't keep me from buying them from time to time though).

I need to do the taxes too!