Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feiry Charriot

I witnessed the most surreal thing today.

I remembered I forgot to put my 25lbs of charcoal out of the rain and I was headed back home when this Pontiac Grand Am was coming down ridge. Only, there was a whole lot of orange light coming out of the bottom of it. Was that some new effect?? No - clearly not as the dark acrid cloud of smoke would indicate it. There was a car being driven down the road and it was on fire.

I stuck my arm out the window and pointed. People were honking, and well, how do you tell someone their car is on fire?

Anyways I went home, put my charcoal up and then drove back to see what happened. I would like to think I could have pulled in front of them and stopped them from driving any further, but honestly I as so amazed all I had time to do was gesture real big.

To my releif, the lady had pulled over and gotten out of her car. The car was totally engulfed in flames, but it did't appear that anyone was injured.

What a weird thing to see on the way to work.

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