Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It has been a big week

Last night I attended my first yoga lesson. I don't know if I buy into that whole - yoga, a way of life bit, but its a damn good way to stretch out. I rolled around on the floor and contorted myself but I must say the experience was very favorable in general. If you sit at a desk all day or are on your feet all day or have shoulder problems like I do, it might be worth it to spend 90 minutes or so looking gay to releive that pain.

We had a real weekend here in Cadleized land - I bought some clothes. I think i have a great idea. Get two suits with two pairs of pants each. You can wear the same suit all week and leave two coats and matching ties in your office.... that way you're always ready to go and need only wear a clean shirt and pants. why only four - Casual Friday people. show me your pieces of flair!

I also went to a great 30th birthday party where my friend Nail was totally surprised and I had some of the best fried chicken I've encountered in quite some time. Good times had in the gold rush town of Dalongah. the Smith house has some damn good fried chicken.


Ally said...

Smart boy. I always bought a skirt and two pair of pants for each jacket--since most of the time I didn't wear my jacket anyway. It's a great way to save $$.

cdp said...

I'm with Allyjax. Us girls had this whole thing figured out a long time ago. The bonus track is the Ann Taylor or Banana ensembles that allow the option of skirt/pants/AND a cute little dress to go under the jacket. Specially in black cause then you know, it doubles for work and funeral duty as well. Then again, if you have a dress hanging on the back of your office door with your coat, I'm not sure I much want to know about it.

I continue to observe that you cannot spell, although fried chicken is delish and there is also some damn fine shopping up there near Dahlonega.

And seriously. You do not have NEAR enough pieces of flair.