Monday, February 04, 2008

the champ v. Rockington

It was a helluva sport to watch last night. In one corner, weighing in at 180 pounds, you had the Champ, the contender and in the other corner, you had Rock Rockington weighing in at 275 pounds. Champ sought to go beer for beer with the larger and undermatched Rockington. Rockington was dressed like a title holder with a shirt showing a thumbs down sign and the word panties on his shirt. Also adorning the champion was a coorinating Mardi Gras Beads.

Who would have thougth that lil' Champ would match Rockington beer for beer as Rockington pulled out his meal of Popeyes chicken and biscuits and quenched his thrist with a twelve-pack of Colt 45? Who would have thought it.

But no, the end of the contest saw the Champ, in his full glory dancing to some latin music and having placed a budwise select on the mantle for each of Rockington's Colt.

Did I mention the superbowl was last night?

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea what this is about but whoo hoo and a high five for whoever won!!