Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another good weekend

Well, the Dawgs beat the Tigers..the WarEagles???..the plainsmen? Well, whoever they are, we won 45 - 20. It was fun. We had great seats - yes, we actually went to a game! - and the season ticket holder had paid for the little stadium seats. Very cush - made my butt much happier to be at the game, that is for sure.

We went straight to the 'boro from there. the sibilings all had pancakes and then it was off to look at some old family furniture. I learned that my great-great-great grandaddy and he was a Captain in the civil war. Our family also lived in Fort Valley, a city south of here for several years where he was a Baptist preacher. There is a good picture of him in the family papers which, courtesy of my relative are stored at the University of Georgia. I didn't get any furniture but I did get neat framed picture of Savannah.

So, it was a good weekend for us!


Ally said...

Yeah for a good weekend! And go Dawgs!

Hope you have an equally good week!

Cindy said...

Cadle house pancakes kick so much ass.