Wednesday, November 21, 2007

things to be thankful for

1-this blog post is brought to you by blackberry. While I don't do a good job of posting, I actually like my blackberry in that it really provides me some freedom from work.

2 the wifey- who is currently letting me sit in her office and blog whilst she organizes her office and expresses love for her predecessor who was such the immaculately organized person

3 my boss - while we all have our moments with those in charge, you've got to like someone for not making us work through the holiday because he can. We're ready for trial and we get a holiday. This was not the case at my former place of employment where we worked senseless hour in a silly fashion.

4. my mom who got all my diplomas framed and then actually delivered them to me.

5 my dad - who keeps sending me clients

6 this big family celebration that is thanksgiving

To be continued


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving...hope it was a good one for you.

Wifey said...

Baby, you can blog in my office anytime you like. :-)

cdp said...

Y'all are so cute.

I still don't have any framed diplomas. I'm a slacker like that.