Friday, November 30, 2007

How U can Find Me

IF you google the following, you will find me:

"This class is boring" - well many of them were.

"dekalb dfcs, christmas list" - Huh??

""captain kayak" blog" - No dummy - I'm the Pontoon Pirate.

"score on georgia bar examination 2007" - I passed, thank you very much!

"bar exam more difficult than cpa exam" - yes it was. very much so.

"adopt a kid for christmas wish list" - and to think the wifey calls me a scrooge - Bah Humbug!

"old flames" - murf?? where did that one come from?

"borĂ³ dora" - this person was not speaking the english with this search.

"installing a fountain slab" . . . is a horrible idea.

"tripp self" - one of our honorable superior court judges!

"save ferris blogspot"- a case of mistaken identity!

"Dora tying up games" - I would be willing to bet $100 this would cost you a finger.

"women searching for place in the world" - another one i don't comprehend

"bernoulli's principle and the human body" - I would advise not combining the two

"drugy man" - clearly i'm not the only one who sucks at typing.

"hazard a guess" - if you know me, you know i will always hazard a guess.

"doing laundry for person with shingles" - proud to say i was #1 on this one.


cdp said...

Dude, yours are funny! Also, I think the "women searching for place in this world" is from that time we had to guess about the Michael W. Smith lyrics and also that time you were referring to "your women" and how we keep you in check.

Please don't ask me why I know this. You know i have that totally freakish memory.

Ally said...

I just saw where someone googled "I think my boyfriend is molesting my children" to end up on my blog. Werid.