Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ferris is OK

Well, we went and saw Ferris and he is ok. His trailer is totally burned out. Not that a trailer on fire can ever really be salvageable. The most distressing thing regards, well there are 2 distressing things. 1) the fire was clearly arson. Someone started a fire under the back corner of the trailer and 2) Ferris had some fire-proof file cabinets that contained his very old photos and whatnot and the fire people opened them with a fire axe. Hopefully things in there are salvageable. What a mess.

Personally, he seems to be doing ok. We all went to the Cracker Barrel and he ate all of his vegetable plate and was willing to talk about things so I see that as a good sign. Hopefully he will find more things intact than expected as he sifts through things in the coming days.

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cdp said...

Dude, this just so totally sucks. Who would want to be mean to Ferris?