Thursday, September 13, 2007

As life would have it

Well, I have a little phone thingy and I'm not posting or commenting or well, much of anything. I must ask that you hang in there oh faithful readers. I've been transitioning into work and previously I really enjoyed sitting down and reading blogs. However, when my computer was stolen, well my favorites were stolen too. I struggle to set all the links I had back up. Furthermore, my only computer is at work, which is connected to the big-firm-big-brother network so I'm heistant to use up their computing resources to maintain my blog. Maybe they'll finally get me a laptop and I can do this from home again.

I'll try and do better.


cdp said...

please don't read my blog from work for The Man to find.

tell wifey we need to resume our evening walks soon.

Wifey said...

Ok George Orwell......BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.
At least you have the option of reading blogs from you work computer. In my building, big brother is not only watching, but he can also limit my Internet access.

Anonymous said...

You probably shouldn't read my bloggy from work either. I don't want all those hot single co workers to try to steal me away from Bat!! lololol