Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Retail Therapy at No Cost

So, when the wifey and I moved into our home here, we never really unpacked all our stuff. In fact, we shoved it up in the attic and never really thought about it again. Until I had to pull a good bit of it out for the alarm installation. So, after that, we took advantage of the tenant's absence and started up the cleaning. An unknown quantity of trash later, we have so much "new" stuff.

After throwing stuff out, we started to discover stuff that was never unpacked. 7 soup bowls, ceramic vase, ceramic decorative things, the infamous red orb, wifey's foot bath, my compute flight yoke, serving piceces, pictures, you name it, it was up there. Wow. It was so much fun to go shop in your won house.

So i urge all my three faithful readers to go clean out some of those boxes you've been starring at for days (or in our case, years) on end. Clen it out, throw it away, you never know what you might find!!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha I had lost my tanning bed lotion ever since we moved. I found it the day before we left for our cruise (9 months after we moved). It was down in a suitcase!! ha Now if I could only find a couple hundred dollar bills.

cdp said...

I hear ya, Flat. I need to find some Benjamins laying around too.

Seriously Ivy, I know this feeling well. And I trust that you believe that as you have witnessed my tendencies to cram anything and everything I can into closets, under beds, and behind furniture. I really need to get in the boys' closet and do a little "shopping." I know there are things in there that never got unpacked. {PS we moved at the same time you did. 2 1/2 years ago. I think I might be slightly lazy.}

Wifey said...

Be careful what you wish for whilst "closet shopping." I managed to uncover my yearbook from my senior year of high school, which is, in mind, the direct opposite of finding some Benjamins.

I will say that my favorite discovery has been the little pink (more like mauve) santa that went on top of the Christmas tree in the trailer during our college days. We thought this little slice of mobile home heaven was lost forever!

And yes, I am still combing through belongings. It is knick knack hell over here! But I must say, I've enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Ally said...

I love throwing away stuff! Being in my hometown has given me plenty of chances to toss stuff.

cdp said...

1. I don't know where you are but thanks for all the wonderful thoughts you've sent our way the last week or so.

2. Wifey: I was going through a box the other day (closet shopping) and found the sweetest card you gave me during 1L 2d semester. Made my day.