Monday, May 21, 2007

Toppin It Off

This weekend I'll be in Charlottesville West Virginia serving as the best man for my good friend Jeff. Therefore, last weekend was the obligitory bachlor party. Being the best man, I was in charge of these schenanagians. Therefore, I waited to the very last minute and planned a weekend trip to our old stomping grounds - Athens.

So a four of the almost thirty variety married and otherwise males hit the town. I must say, not much has changed. We gawked harder and made more inappropriate comments, but I guess thats because you don't really fear rejection when you're not out on the prowl. We did, however, prowl our way to toppers. (aka The Jackson Street Balet, the Boys Club, etc)

Toppers is an important landmark for me. Though I was in Athens for over 5 years, I only went once. The managers from a large acocunting firm took me after dinner one night. We didn't neglect to stop by more than a few bars on our way. So, I arrived very, very drunk, and without any money as these ass-clowns were to be paying for everything.

Well, since I had no money, I couldn't really tip and strippers who aren't being tipped...well, lets just say they aren't interested. So, I started to tell the guy next to me some story about my school furniture work. Without my knowing, I evidently said something about some "cocksucker" and that folks, is a word not to be said in a strip club. Even if you are talking about some guy who isn't even present. The miscommunication resulted in me being taken out of the club in a headlock and finding my own way home. So, I was hesitatant to retrun to the the toppers.

But return we did, this time I broke a 20 at every place and had several singles on me. We only had an hour in this lovely place, so we had to act quick. We got my buddy Jeff a lap dance from the only one in there that looked worth paying. And were allowed to leave, at closing time, of our own accord. Other than it taking a full day to recover, all-in-all a great night.


Leslie said...

Um, I thought we were going to Charleston, West Virginia. If I'm wrong, then I need to cancel that hotel reservation. ;-)

cdp said...

I was wondering if the "cocksucker" incident was going to get a mention here.