Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Long Vacation

Well, I finally graduated last week. Or was that the week before. I can't remember. Class was out for two weeks, then graduation, then this week got here, at least i think. I'm still confused. After vacation, we spent a solid three days cleaning house and lawn in an effort to prepare for the graduation brunch that was a rather historic event. We actually had something like 23 people for a rather formal brunch. It was a rather large event for our small, unfinished home.

And now, It seems I've spent the last week, or more, recovering. I did my first carpentry work yesterday. I am going to play golf today. We took the dog to the lake for an evening. and I've watched a great deal of television. As for the highlight of my week - we supported our local sports and went to the opening game for the Macon Music below minor league baseball team. It was over crowed, lines way to long, but we drank some beer, had a good time and hit up the goose for a late dinner.

Well, about time to play some golf.


Ally said...

Congrats! Brunch is alwazs so zummz....and excellent that it was at zour house since nowhere in Macon serves it! At least regularlz...

cdp said...

Ally doesn't have a "y" on her funny European keyboard. She has to use the Z instead. hee hee.

So happy for you. And I concur. Brunch food is DEE-lish.