Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get back to Work People

Well, I'm back from the wedding and now it is time for Bar Review which promises to take me somewhere near the seventh level of hell. I sat in on my first lecture today and, well, lets just say there are two months of this and I feel like I'm trapped in a falling elevator.

On second thought, that might actually be exciting so its not such a great comparison... its going to be a long trip till July 24th.

The wedding in Charleston WVA was wonderful. I think I kept the groom out of trouble the best I could and the bridesmaids were all very pretty and fun to flirt with. Wifey seemed to have a good time as well and tolerated my wedding schenangis quite well. She even seemed quite amused at times. We had a horrible trip up there due to traffic delays, but on the way home we went by the New River Gorge where I was a raft guide for two summers. I wanted to do a trip down the river, but we didn't get to because we simply didn't have time. We did, fortunately, have time to head to the lake yesterday and that was a ton of fun. Very relaxed day at the lake, and interestingly, our friends were out of beer so none of us drank, yet we had a great time and came home well rested.

So you really can have a good time without alcohol. I went to the gym for the first time in....well who knows... today. It was not so fun. But I need to lose 20 pounds so we'll see how it goes.


Wifey said...

You forgot to mention how the bridesmaids praised you for the way you handled your balls.

Ally said...

Yeah for going to the gym!! It's a great habit to develop before you start working.

Good luck with all of the Bar Review crap and give wifey my love:)