Monday, March 26, 2007

New Neighbors - Nosy me

Well, of the six houses directly around us, we are now one of two couples who were here when we moved in. The house across the stree sold to a gentleman know as "Pepper", who, strangely enough seems to be dating the hairdresser (or more appropriately, stylist) of the wifey. It is a small world.

To our left is a gentleman who graduated from my fair school of law, and is currently employed by a medium size firm here in town. I hope I don't have to work as much as he does, I think he's on track to bill 2500 hours this year. 2000 is another story. Amazing how much difference 500 hours is on top of that.

The reason for this post, our new neighbors, just moved in across the street. So far, we have seen a Subaru Outback, a Yellow Jeep, and a Big dodge ram. Let me tell you, these people are so cute. As a married man for 5 years, (well almost) - I must say i'm a bit jaded. I confess to laughing aloud as he carried over the threshold, but in retrospect, I'm excited for this young couple who appears to be getting a good start in their new home. I haven't seen any furniture yet, but there are some new pictres being hung on the walls. Someone's parents have also come to visit. I hope they approve.

So chock this one up to young love and my excitement to be surrounded by new neighbors.


Wifey said...

I agree, the carrying over the threshold thing was cute.
Nothing like shamelessly spying on the neighbors!

cdp said...
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cdp said...

Awww. Carrying over the threshold. Seriously guys? I'd likely swoon over someone to help carry in my groceries!

PS Wifey, your presence in B this morning considerably brightened my attitude toward being there!

PPS sorry, I am having comment issues. My bad. Remedies ate my brain.

Ally said...

You came back from LA feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy. I like it.

cdp said...

Where are you? I need something to read! No class til 3:30 today . . .