Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Which Road are you On?

I got this idea from a friend who made a post about a DTR (if you don't know what it means, see Ally's page) she had with a former boyfriend/x/whatever. Anyways, he posed this particular DTR moment in the phrase of: If our relationship were a road, which would it be? Interstate, a highway, a gravel road, or a dirt road.

Well, this makes me think of something that I think is interesting. So, if your life were a road, which road would you be on right now.... You decide.

Interstate - things are hauling ass. Moving quickly, from state to state. Staying at lots of Super 8 Motels, the occasional Hampton Inn, and if you are really lucky, they'll have a Hilton Garden Inn at the next stop. While the road has some interesting points, you're pretty much just logging miles. Any many miles it is you are logging. As for food. Olive Garden is where its at. Mcdonalds is whats for lunch.

Highway- I personally grew up on a highway. In fact, this piece of asphalt stretches from Savannah Georgia all the way to Sacramento California. Its long, it connects my home town to my current town of residence, and I think i'm partial to highways. Here, you get to see all the cities, the big, the small, and the inbetween. You get to stay at Super 8's B&B's and anything in between. For food, you have the choice of the meat&3, or maybe just Mcdonlds or a local gourment watermellon stand. Really, who know what you will see next. Maybe even an iron hourse in a cornfield.

Gravel - An interesting choice. Because for 1, there aren't many gravel roads out there. Gravel dents the car, makes a lot of dust, and just doesn't look natural laying out there in front of you in this white/grey ribbon. Although you see all the small towns, you can't do cities on gravel. It just won't work out. I think you are on a gravel road if you are headed toward lost.

Dirt - now I'm partial to dirt myself. Dirt roads have a certain romantic quality to them. That is until you've walked 20 miles on one. Then they just remeidn oyou of dirt. But even then, Its fun to walk the gravel road. Smell the odors and scents, see the animals, and just commune with the nature.

I'm thinking a highway or dirt right now. You?

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Ally said...

Dirt roads for me too...they remind me of my grandparents' land....and a slower pace that allows us to smell the roses and all of that good stuff.